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Author of Paranormal and Contemporary Romance

Stories that have a fierce embrace...and sometimes bite

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Taming Hearts Ranch
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What The Heart Wants @ The Spicy Spot

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Jingle My Christmas
@ The Spicy Spot
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Now Available

Author's Corner 

A new and exciting writing adventure...


I’m very excited to report that I joined a group of amazing authors in a new and exciting writing adventure.

I have written more than 16 new stories and cannot wait to share them with you. Each month new stories will be released so there is always something fresh and exciting to discover. The genres of my stories range from contemporary to paranormal.

For those readers who crave my full length novels, don’t worry, I’ll have some of those for you as well.  Details to come soon.

Click the link to subscribe and gain access to my stories and others:


To read more about Patricia A. Wolf, check out her BIO page and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. 

“But if you truly want my suggestion,” he nuzzled against her cheek, his lips at her ear. “You can start by doing something you didn’t think you’d ever do.” He kissed the lobe of her ear. “You can start by spending the night with me.” 



Kissed by a Vampire

“If this coat doesn’t keep you warm...I will.” 




Christmas Noel 

"You're quite the surprise,” he muttered, his gaze dancing from her eyes to her lips. He had never felt so hungry for a mortal in his life. She was turning him inside out. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me.”




Christmas with a Bite


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