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House of Elysian series
The Miracle of Christmas series

Noel Green is unable to shake the guilt surrounding a tragic skiing accident, which paralyzed her best friend Claire. After five long years of self-inflicted emotional torment, Noel continues to submerge herself into her work as an event director at a local children’s hospital. As the Christmas season comes full swing, Noel is faced with the gut-wrenching memories of her past decisions. Until Luke Winters, a Fae descendant of Chris Kringle enters her life.

A fevered connection burns hot between them and Luke tries at length to win Noel’s heart, a woman who wants nothing to do with the traditions his family cherishes. Luke hopes Noel can somehow put aside her guilt and embrace a life with him and his Fae people. Through his eyes, he prays that Noel will begin to see the beauty in all things Christmas once again. 

Immortal Secrets series

Forced on a grand adventure with her best friend, Sarah Messer comes face to face with a man that has her body and mind turning inside out. Lost in passions she never dreamed possible, she wonders if the seductive encounter could be the start of something more. But when Michael stands her up, she realizes it was nothing more than a fantasy. 

Michael Blackmon, a vampire with a mysterious past never meant to get too close to a human, but shaking the immediate connection he shares with Sarah proves to be too much. Consumed with unquenchable desires, his only regret was leaving before he could uncover a way to find her again. 

Can a second chance meeting bring back the passion they once felt? Or will his vampire secret destroy everything between them? 


One touch, one kiss, one night… can change everything.


Join New York Times Bestseller C.J. Ellisson, Calinda B, Patricia A. Wolf and Lila Dubois for four stories of red-hot erotic romance and sexy paranormal magic. From encounters with a vampire, a birthday party gone wild, a super-hot male stripper who’s more than human, and a sexy new game at a BDSM club, this collection of stories has everything you need to spice up your spring.

This Christmas, Mara Livingston is determined to start over. But as she’s driving to her “new” home, a freak winter storm forces her off the road. Now she’s stranded in the middle of nowhere. Then he shows up. And there’s something strangely familiar about him...


Connor Reece never expected to see Mara again. Nor is he prepared for the onslaught of emotions—including an unimaginable rush of desire—she stirs within him. Now he has a chance to claim the woman he’s always wanted. Except, there are a couple of small details that Mara doesn’t know. The first is that Connor is a vampire. And the second is that if his family finds out about Mara, she will most certainly be killed...