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To Caffeinate or not to Caffeinate

The first step in my writing process is to select the best drink to have beside me as I dive deep into my imagination. Rising at 4 a.m. daily, coffee is my morning go to. Not because of the caffeinated boost, but simply because I love the flavor of a bold blend and a splash of flavored creamer—Hazelnut, Italian Cream, or French Vanilla are perfect additions. (Sugar free is a must since I’m making better health choices.)

Deciding on a drink is not always determined by the season of the year either. I can drink a hot coffee in the extreme heat of a Texas summer. However, during the winter months when temperatures are uncomfortably chilly, I alternate coffee and hot chocolate throughout the day, and most certainly ask for any sodas without ice. (Writing while shivering is a bit of a challenge.)

On a normal day, I start with coffee and water, by mid-day I’m either enjoying a second cup of coffee or a zero-sugar soda (perhaps both) and finishing the night with a hot chocolate. I’m a mix of all drinks in the winter months. I enjoy coffee over tea, but I do consume green tea from time to time. I’m also a big fan of peppermint and cinnamon teas.

I found an article that shares what drinks are favored in different countries. You may be surprised by what you discover from around the world.

Coffee vs Tea vs Soft Drinks: What Caffeine Drinks Do Countries Prefer?

By Omri Wallach

Coffee, tea, or soda? Which of these do you prefer when tackling your own writing or work projects?


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