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Christmas Noel - Now Available

Noel Green is unable to shake the guilt surrounding a tragic skiing accident, which paralyzed her best friend Claire. After five long years of self-inflicted emotional torment, Noel continues to submerge herself into her work as an event director at a local children’s hospital. As the Christmas season comes full swing, Noel is faced with the gut-wrenching memories of her past decisions. Until Luke Winters, a Fae decendant of Chris Kringle, enters her life. A fevered connection burns hot between them and Luke tries at length to win Noel’s heart, a woman who wants nothing to do with the traditions his family cherishes. Luke hopes Noel can somehow put aside her guilt and embrace a life with him and his Fae people. Through his eyes, he prays that Noel will begin to see the beauty in all things Christmas once again.

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