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Where Is The Perfect Writing Spot?

A project is due, and whether it’s a college paper, work related research, or a novel writing deadline, uncovering the perfect spot to put your thoughts together is necessary. But where? Some prefer the quiet workspace of an office with a desk, chair, computer, etc. Others, like me, might find a warm cozy coffee house or café perfect for writing. While a brightly lit library with the muffling sounds of paper shuffling might send off sparks of inspiration for others.

Regardless of where you chose, it should be ideal for you. If interruptions are an issue, then coffee houses, restaurants should be avoided. If your mind wanders to all the chores you need to finish; laundry, dishes, etc., then writing from home might not be the best place. Choose your location based on your personality and ability to focus so you can really cash in on productivity. Plus, consider if certain places might add to your writing. Will traveling to new places ignite more within you and your body of work?

While I love a good coffee house, I also love my office space at home. With walls filled with books, the perfect cup of home brewed coffee, and my own personal music choices playing, it’s hard to go wrong. Make the space to write your own, including the supplies you need, music you enjoy, and a goal in mind. No matter where you write, you’ll find success.

I uncovered an article that offers suggestions on writing locations you might not have considered.

22 Places to Write When You’re Tired of Working at Home

By Kristen Pope


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